Aspire One Black Screen of Death

Updated 11/04/2012: If you can still boot into Windows, see Aspire One Black Screen of Death – Part 2 for a new utility from Acer that makes an update to the BIOS on a working Aspire One a lot easier.  

Based on the amount of traffic this post still gets, and other sites with articles describing the same problem & solution, there are still lots of Aspire One users who continue to have the same problem, I’ve updated the instructions, with my comments below, and a provided a download of the last BIOS file from Acer’s site, with the BIOS file renamed and in the Dos_Flash directory to make  easier & faster to get your netbook running again.

Updated 04/26/2010: After doing this a few times and reading some of the user comments, I’ve realized that you don’t need to use UNetbootin. It won’t hurt anything, just a couple extra steps.

After a normal restart yesterday, my Aspire One booted into just a black screen. No POST, no BIOS, no hard drive light activity, just the power button LED on and the fan running fast. I was not very happy…

I went to the Acer Aspire One User Forum and started looking thru the Hardware section. I found this thread Dead aspire one and it looked like many others had a similar experience. After reading many stories of warranty repair or replacement, I was just about to dig up my receipts when I found this post: Re: Dead aspire one.

It seems that a lot of people had success reflashing the BIOS from a USB drive using tools provided by Acer. I don’t know if it’s officially supported by Acer or if it will void your warranty, but if the computer’s a paperweight now anyway, what the hell?

It’s very easy to do, but the steps are a bit unclear so here’s my attempt to make the whole thing painless. This worked for me, but it might not for you, so do this at your own risk.

You need:

Download all the files to an easy to find location.

Steps to prepare the USB drive:

  • Format the USB drive using the FAT file system, not FAT32.
  • Start UNetbootin and choose FreeDOS as the distribution. Screenshot here.
  • Unzip the BIOS files and copy them to the USB drive
  • Make a copy of the BIOS file and rename it as ZG5IA32.FD (this appears to be very important – my reflash failed until I did the copy & rename)

Reflash the BIOS:

  • Make sure the AAO is turned off, the battery is attached and the power adaptor is plugged in.
  • Insert the USB drive
  • Press and hold FN + ESC and press the power button to turn it on. Release the Fn & ESC keys. The LED in the power button will flash.
  • Press the power button again once and wait. Mine took ~3 minutes, but I’d advise that you let it sit there for at least 5 minutes just in case your’s takes longer.

When the reflashing is done, the AAO will reboot and, hopefully, you’ll be back to normal.

If it doesn’t work, try reflashing again. The keypress sequence is a little tricky.

If the second try doesn’t work, then you’ll probably have to send it off for repair.

Good luck!!!

Credit and a boatload of thanks to for the instructions I found and hosting the BIOS files!

Original instruction from macles: Acer Aspire One BIOS Recovery

Updated instructions from Acer’s site (with comments):

Updating the BIOS will require a USB flash drive (formatted to FAT or FAT32) to store the BIOS information on during the update. To perform the update to the BIOS: (The smaller your flash drive, the better. I’ve used 1 gig and smaller drives successfully)

  1. From the support home page, click Netbook and select your product.
  2. Click confirm.
  3. Click on the BIOS tab and download and extract the latest BIOS for the netbook. (or download my version here: BIOS_ACER_3310_Windows_AOA110 & AOA150 MODIFIED. Both Acer’s & my files are zipped, so you’ll have to unzip them before you can do anything. Double clicking on the file should unzip them automatically.)
  4. The files required will be in the Dos_Flash subdirectory.
  5. Rename the BIOS file from 3310.fd to zg5ia32.fd. (the modified version above already has the renamed file in the Dos_Flash directory)
  6. Copy zg5ia32.fd and Flashit.exe to the USB flash drive
  7. Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in.
  8. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port.
  9. Press and hold down the Fn and the Esc keys together and press the power button.
  10. When the netbook’s power light comes on, wait a few seconds and release the Fn and Esc keys.
  11. After the keys have been released the power light will start to blink.
  12. During the BIOS update process the display will be blank.
  13. Let the unit run and after approximately 1 to 7 minutes, the unit should reboot and the BIOS will be updated. (typically ~3 minutes)

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  1. Awesome, this guide worked out perfectly for me once I borrowed an old 256MB USB key from my dad :)

    This saves me lots of time. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much, My baby is alive again!
    Its alive!
    Awesome Guide!

  3. Glad the guide helped you out! But all the credit goes to for original instructions, otherwise I too would be waiting to get my AAO back from repair.

  4. Nikas Konstantinos on February 13th, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks Thanks Thanks…You save me men!!!!
    I love you!!!!!

  5. eric & macles! you are the MEN!!! revived my AA1 perfectly! THANKS!!

  6. thank you! my aspire one bricked randomly after a reboot but is now tip top after using your trick! thanks a million :)

  7. Thank you guy ! I repared my AAO thanks to you, thank you very much !

  8. OMG, it worked. Two hours on a support call with Acer to no avail. This works. Thank you a million times, thank you.

  9. holy shit it worked! 😀
    thank you!:D

  10. Thanks very much – worked exactly as you documented.
    Saved a lot of trouble for me, it’s my wife’s computer.

    Now I’m going to backup the My documents folder.

  11. Kevin Beretta on March 19th, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Dude… you rock!!! this saved me! Worked as advertised. Comments: to flasg FAT, do through the control panel > .. > disk management for XP. Also, select “run” and not save for the unetbootin utility

  12. Freakin thanks man!

    I like your instructions the best of all the others. They’re clear and they include all parts of the process (some other websites are confusing).

    It works! Thanks again!

    There is, however, one thing I would change about your instructions. Because of the wording of one of your points, I did the process wrong the first time but figured it out the second time. It is regarding your instruction that says:

    “Make a copy of the BIOS file and rename it as ZG5IA32.FD (this appears to be very important – my reflash failed until I did the copy & rename)”

    I took this to mean that you may need to have the original (ie. ZG5_3309.fd) file AND the new copy (ZG5IA32.FD) on the USB drive. I did this and it didn’t work. Then I figured you probably meant to have a copy of the original BIOS file SOMEWHERE ELSE AND NOT ON THE USB DISK while putting the renamed file onto the USB disk.

    Just a suggestion to your wording.

    Thanks again!!!!!

  13. you`re god! thanks alot;) it rhymes 😀

  14. Thank you thank you thank you! I had already sent the computer back once because of this problem and having just moved to China a few days ago, I was dreading sending it in again.

    You saved my butt! Big thanks.

  15. Hi!… I’ve done exactly what have been said in the tutorial and I’ve tried with the 3309 and the 3305…. but still got the same problem…
    When I press Fn + Esc and the power button, everything seems to work. The power button blinks, and so do my usb. but after 5 secs or something, it stops(Well the USB stops blinking and remain unlit, while the power button stops blinking and remains lit). Very strange. I’ve treid whith different time intervals, but can’t get it to work.
    Somebody please help me save my loved AA1!

  16. Just did this procedure about two hours ago and thought I’d clarify something.

    The unetbootin part is totally extraneous, at least if you had the same symptoms I did (no BIOS, no attempt to POST) and if you’re doing the special Fn+Esc routine. The unetbootin part is good for routine flashes. I think Acer even advises that normal flashes be done through DOS from a bootable USB stick (these days, FreeDOS is the best alternative)… under normal circumstances.

    BUT, if your BIOS is hosed (as it was in my situation) and your AA1 isn’t POSTing, and you use this Fn+Esc procedure, you’re doing a BIOS flash that totally bypasses the normal POST+boot process. The Fn+Esc routine is for restoring the BIOS when the BIOS itself is FUBARed. If the BIOS is hosed, how can the AA1 boot FreeDOS from the stick anyway?

    My AA1 “black screened” a few days ago and after a few messages back and forths with Acer support, they gave me this procedure without the Unetbootin part. It’s just not needed if you’re doing the emergency flash procedure with Fn+Esc. I had a bootable FreeDOS stick around, but I didn’t use it for this – just a FAT-formatted stick with the Flashit.exe, a batch file, and the firmware file as provided to me by Acer.


  17. i freaked up for a while there when i saw that black screen T_T thanks!!! this is way easier than that on the macles site….

    btw, the black screen of death happened to me when i was trying to reformat my AA1 using a USB bootable XP installer.

  18. das, I am in your same situation: none of the procedures I have read so far have worked for my AA1, and this includes the one posted here. My USB drives (I’ve tried 4 of them, different makes, capacities and OS) don’t seem to be getting accessed (not lighting up). Could you post a copy of the files you got from ACER, or send me a copy to ? What OS did the working USB stick that you used have?

    Many thanks!

  19. Sorry, last comment was meant for forkbomb, not das.

  20. Sapo:

    This is the link Acer sent me. Be sure to rename the file.

    Just to clarify as I must have been unclear: I did this with a USB stick that did NOT have an OS installed on it. It was a fresh format (regular FAT) and I followed that procedure. The USB stick does not need an OS installed, because the process in that link and above in this blog post bypasses the _normal_ boot process!

    (If the machine truly can’t post, it wouldn’t be able to do a proper OS boot from the thumb drive.)

  21. ACE!
    Thanks a lot for that guide!

  22. thnks 4 that but ,this trick not work to me
    i dont know maube i m not do that true
    can u show me that on video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Sherrie Super on May 22nd, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Wow, this worked on the first try. It took me a while to figure out the files and what-not, because before reading this, I didn’t even know what a BIOS file was. (Actually, I still don’t know what that is, but that’s okay, because I didn’t need to, thanks to these handy-dandy instructions.)

    Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for these instructions. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am to not be sending my little computer off to some distant repair center and hoping for the best. You saved me time, money, and worry. Yay!!!

    Also, thanks to Ray, for clarifying that two (ZG5IA32.FD) files weren’t needed. I also had kept the original along with a copy, before I saw the clarifying post.


  24. Booyah! Thank you so much, your instructions worked-like-a-charm.

    I’m so relieved that I got my netbook working within 30 minutes of failure … if it wasn’t for you, I’d still be looking for my damn reciept.

  25. Used my Aspire One to format the USB drive to fix my friend’s Aspire One. Worked first time, he was thrilled! Thank you!

  26. Yet another troubled acer user, totally fixed it! thanks !!

  27. Hi there – just wanted to say a big THANKS! – I was sooo gutted when I got the black screen of death… someone suggested that I take a look at flashing the bios and here I came… and perfect!

    Have a great day eric & macles!
    Neil in Scotland

  28. Word can not express the relief of finding this site and the joy of getting the aspire going again. Thank you so much…

  29. thanks for this, the whole process worked perfectly
    leeds, uk

  30. THANKS!!!!!!

  31. I have never tried to flash a BIOS before and this step by step procedure made it really easy. Plus, it also solved my problems with the AAO.

    I am so happy, thanks!

  32. Thank you very much. I have followed your instructions and it has worked at first try. You are genious. Wish you all the best.


  33. It doesn’t work for me, can anay help please? thx

  34. hey….
    my AA1 had died earlier this year
    and i used your instructions and all was good again,
    then it died again…last week…
    but again i used your instructions and its alive again.
    but is that normal…multiple deaths?

  35. It worked perfectly! I thought it was just a bad screen, but once I read your info I decided to try this first. So simply, so easy.
    Thank you so much.

  36. Yes!!!! It has worked the firt time. Thank you very much!

  37. Awesome!!!! I´m on the other side of the world and probably ´d lost my money if you havent put this tutorial!
    Thanks a lot, the little blue still lives!
    we are the champions my friend!

  38. It works like a magic~ Thank you so much.

  39. Worked first time like a charm , thanks for great instructions which meant even a Luddite like me was able to get the brick working

  40. Yup! It worked like a charm…

    Just to clarify for the less tech savvy…

    1 – Format the flash drive [I used FAT32 (default)] and it worked fine.

    2 – Download the UNetbootin installer into a folder on your C: drive – use the utility to install the 4 files onto your flash drive.

    3 – Download the BIOS into a separate folder on your C: drive – (I used version and it worked fine. You must have some kind of compression/ decompression utility to extract the file (I use winrar) right click the file and extract the file (here). Copy and paste all 4 of the extracted files excluding the .rar file into the flash drive.

    4 – Now, access the flash drive contents and copy and paste the ZG5_3310.fd file/ change the new file name to ZG5IA32.FD – close flash drive and safely remove it from the system.

    The flash drive is now ready to be used

    5 – Proceed with flash instructions as directed…

    Good Luck!


  41. Thank you. This was easy and timesaving. Did not have to send it to Acer.

  42. Thank you so much , it took a mere 10 seconds and it rebooted .
    thanks again , you saved me a week in the repair. :)

  43. Hi

    Took me several hours to get it right but got it working in the end.
    I should point out that the you MUST have 2 bios files on the USB drive one original as well as the renamed one.
    Also worth pointing out that the digit after the 5 is a capital I and not a number 1 as I first thought.
    Also the case is important as in all capital letters for the ZG5IA32.FD file.
    Thanks very much to the writer of this article for rescuing my acer aspire one !!!

  44. Thank you. You are a life saver. None of the IT Support Staff in my High School knew what was up with it and here you are with all the answers. Thank you. Now I don’t have to use the Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 that I borrowed from the Support Staff. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  45. Worked first time like a charm , thanks for great instructions which meant even a Luddite like me was able to get the brick working…

  46. Aumar G. Daguia on September 6th, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Thank you so much! It works for me too! :)

  47. It’s not working for me… Still stuck at a completely black screen… I followed all instructions correctly (I think) and the the power button LED just keeps blinking but nothing happens… I’ve let it sit blinking for 15 minutes… Does anyone have any suggestions??…

    You can send me an email at:

    Thanks for any help!!

  48. PROBLEM SOLVED! Ok, I went ahead and upgraded my ram without a hitch. I come to turn my AAO on to the black screen of death. I tried to reflash the bios per the instructions, but like many before me the usb stick was unresponsive. The way I solved it a few hours later, REMOVE THE BIOS BATTERY, and then put it back in. This time it booted up without even updating the bios. Simple.

  49. hi there! thank you so much!
    i tried your instructions and it worked! so AMAZING!
    now, i don’t have to worry and i’ll be able to sleep
    tonight with a smile on my face!

    tnx again,

  50. See my post here on Sept. 11… Did not work for me… I went onto the ACER support site and into their “Live Chat support”… They walked me thru a couple of other procedures like plugging in an external monitor (!) and a power drain process (!) but nothing worked… So they finally gave me an RMA# and my unit is on it’s way to the ACER repair depot in Texas for warranty repair… I hope to get it back in about 2 weeks…

  51. I was searching online for warranty info on the Aspire One ZG5 when I stumbled upon a link at that took me here. My Aspire One had the same symptoms and I thought I would either have to send it off for warranty repair or tear it apart and pull the HD to recover the data.

    I really had doubts that this would work but I like tinkering so I thought I would give it a try.

    It worked perfectly!! I am beyond astonished. I used the ZG5 3310 BIOS. I am completely amazed that this actually worked.

    Thank you so much!

  52. so now i know what i did wrong!!!
    you have to copy the file and the rename it!!!
    thanks man!!!

  53. Thanks so much!!! Been searching for hours to try to figure out how to fix my AA1, thought it might be headed for the trash. Have to find my thumbdrive and will be trying this tomorrow.

  54. can someone PLEASE explain this in more detail.
    i’ve been trying this for 2 hours and can’t seem too do it right.
    the instructions have a lot of wiggle room, at least for me.
    please someone help. :/

  55. you just saved my netbook! thank you.

    FYI, my flash drive was fat32 and it still worked.

    The flashing process took 30 seconds for me.

    Thank you very much.

  56. Can you tell me please how to remove the BIOS BATTERY send me at email removed for privacy thanks

    I’ve never had mine apart so I can’t tell you for certain, but via this post at macles there’s a link to tnkgrl’s flicker photos of an Aspire One. I’m not sure if it’s visible on the “top” when you open the case or if it’s on the “bottom” but it looks like a standard “coin cell” & shouldn’t be too hard to identify.

    Good luck!


  57. I was very surprised to wake up this morning to find my Aspire One bricked. and with all the assignments i had been using the AAO to work on, needless to say, i was disappointed.

    Luckily, i knew to google the problem before digging for my receipt, and sure enough, it took me to your site.

    I followed your instructions, and within 10 seconds, Windows 7 was greeting me warmly!

    Thank you very much for this post. It’s thanks to kind people such as yourself who take the time to document these solutions, that the rest of us can be up and running faster than ever. It’s what truly makes the internet a vital research tool.
    (i’m in the I.T field, probably obvious now 😀 )

  58. My Acer Aspire One A0A 150-Bb worked fine little bit over year. Couple of weeks ago when i shutdown the machine and tried boot it up next day, it wouldn’t started :(

    I was just to take it to the store were i buyed it, when i luckyly find more information with google why the hell it won’t work.

    Thanks to you for the help and instructions! ZG5 3310 BIOS worked perfect on my acer :)

    Good lucky everyone else on their pcs! (sorry about bad english :D)

  59. I got an Acer Aspire One ZG5 (XP version, not Linux) from someone who had this problem and had already tried the above tutorial. They either bricked the MoBo by doing it wrong or there is something else wrong. Now I’m trying to fix it and am not getting anywhere. It powers on and when I hold down the Fn + Esc keys while hitting power the power light still flashes but it doesn’t go solid after hitting power the second time and it just keeps flashing and doesn’t every do anything else. I have read the tutorial several times and retried the procedure over and over. I have also tried making the USB drive an active partition and not using unetbootin.
    Any ideas?

  60. 1. Formatear USB con FAT (NO FAT32)
    2. Correr programa para que la memoria sea booteable (FreeDos) en Folder (Programa para crear USB Boot) Ver imagen (Opciones FreeDos.png)
    3. Copiar archivos (No carpeta, solo archivos) del folder (Bios a copiar en Raiz de Memoria) en Raiz de Memoria
    4. Seguir procedimiento para cargar boot en Acer One
    4.1 Preciona FN mas esc, etc..

  61. First I have to say thank you thank you thank you so much for taking the time to research this and post with the links included. I would be absolutely nowhere without this post and the time you all have put into it. Thank you also to for the original posting. Now that I am reasonably sure that you know I am insanely grateful that this post was here, I have to say…

    Oh my gosh you guys. You have to be more clear. I can’t believe how many different blogs and forums I had to go to in order to get this figured out. I tried so many configurations of renaming files ZG5IA32.FD. The “BIOS” file means nothing when none of the files are called “BIOS.” For anyone who is having trouble with the renaming process.

    1. Once you have unzipped the zipped file (I right clicked on the zipped file and selected “extract here” which places the unzipped contents in the same file you have the zipped one in) four files will be extracted.

    This next part is key. I was looking for a file called BIOS or looked like it might be related directly to the bios. I renamed a file that was named after the version of the bios I had downloaded and it looked like a .exe file THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT ONE. I can’t even begin to list all the different things I tried.

    the file you need to rename ZG5IA32.FD has a name very similar to ZG5IA32.FD. It’s a file that looks like it doesn’t even matter, especially next to those two others that seem to be .exe files. There is a FLASHIT file, then there is a file called 3310 (if you used that version of the bios), then there is what looks like a readme file called “release note.” None of these are the file you need to rename.

    2. The file you need to rename is the forth one, it just looks like dogeared piece of paper, but if you don’t rename this file everything is for naught.

    Sorry if I seem to be going on and on about this, but it was so frustrating not finding very specific instructions. If someone were talking to me and said “rename the ‘bios’ file,” the first thing I would ask is “WHICH OF THE FOUR FILES IS THE BIOS FILE?”

    Thanks again for all the help.

  62. Thanks alot! Amazing guide and instantly fixed my issue.


  63. […] no hope at all that it would come back. Well, let me tell you, it all changed after I saw a post here. Thanks Eric Chromick for it! I wont re-post it here and his instructions are pretty straight […]

  64. works great. thank a lot.

  65. Thank YOU!!! It worked just as you said it would. I would just like to know Why this happens? And if it will happen again. They always say two heads are better than one. Love you guys! It’s nice when people share good news. Thanks a million. :) Lisia

  66. Mine had died early this year in february…
    managed to get it working until
    it died again last night…
    was able to get it working again today…
    but how long will that keep happening?

  67. Hello, The other day same thing happened to me. I use UBuntu (latest Edition) . I am having a lot of trouble figuring this out. It just doesnt work for me. Tried other possible website for help. If anybody can help. I would be forever grateful.

  68. Thanks for the help.
    Have a few problems that noone else seems to…

    WIRED LAN no longer works

    AOA 150 had the black screen and no bios post…
    Tried following instructions.. but USB drive never appeared active.
    However, restarting it did work
    I checked my bios and had version .3114 (attempted flash with .3310)
    Windows started and I download the file from Acers website directly.

    Unzipped and ran the insydeflash program directly as indicated by the readme file.

    Flashed my Bios to version .3310 and PC has booted every day since.

    However… I now have NO WIRED Internet connection.

    The WIRED connection is not recognized by Windows or Linux.

    Almost like the new BIOS deactivated it.

    Anyone else have this problem? or know ways to fix it?

    Should I flash to an earlier bios?

    Some release notes included in an earlier BIOS file includes this section.. notice the bios is .3114 … the version I had originally had and the LAN worked.

    Date : 2008/07/17

    BIOS Version : v0.3114

    EC Version : 3.1


    1. Base on 3113, modify something as below.


    1. Set C4 timing to 0x06.

    2. Disable LAN device and host L0s and L1.

    3. Enable PCIE break event.


    1. Check if OS is XP, then

    1. Set C4 timing to 0x0A.

    2. Enable LAN device and host L0s and L1.

    3. Disable PCIE break event.

  69. Worked better then my “Hammer” Fix :-)

  70. […] googling for a short while, A tutorial titled “Aspire One Black Screen of Death” told the AAO users the solution that they could fix the problem. I followed the instruction and […]

  71. thanks this worked just fine!!!!

  72. Bloody BRILLIANT MAN Thank you for the time and effort you and associates take to work this stuff out.
    saved me a trip to the computer guy and wad of cash i would guess, also got my daughter off my back as notebook was just a week out of warranty when she got the screen of death……. typical! anyway all sorted now thanks again.

    spook from down under

  73. Brother’s laptop not worked for some time, he thought it was dead forever. This worked perfectly. Thank you. Had to think about it for a while though, not a techie, but I did it.

  74. thanks a lot worked very well!

  75. OMG, thank you so much for posting the solution to this problem! You are an absolute lifesaver. My laptop stopped working over the weekend (power led flashing, no screen or booting up) and I was frantically trying to dig up my receipt thinking that the laptop had died. Luckily I found this site, with your clear instructions I did not have any problems whatsoever with the re-flashing. Took me 20 seconds to get everything back to normal 😀 Who would have thought it would be so simple to get my laptop working again!! Thanks once again I really appreciate your help xx

  76. I have repaired over 3000 laptops at work.
    My friend ask me to clean the fan on a AA0.
    A easy task.
    I think!

    Black screen of death after reassamble!

    After reading this, I get it to work.
    Thanks AL LOT!!!

  77. Wow! You saved me, it just worked for me, thanks so much :)

  78. terimakasih atas solusinya, AA1ku hidup lagi, cuma ikuti langkah2 yang telah dijelashan, thank you guy.

  79. Wow thanks a lot your solution works and very easy to follow. Never thought so many people suffer from this problem. Thanks again!!

  80. To see a video that shows how to fix this problem go to

  81. Just to say: YOU ROCK, MAN!
    My AA1 was dead.
    Thank you so much.

  82. Thank you for the solution I was working on it, but unfortunately When I was updating my bios then suddenly power breakdown and my system is now dead, when I Put charger lead in it … won’t respond and neither on battery
    so as I believe my Bios is stuck in middle of updating so is any body here to help me how to restore my system bios to restore my system
    in previous or in the new version …. :(

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Wajahat Najam (Ph.D Affairs, MBA-IT)

  83. Worked like a charm! Great work MAN!

  84. Eduardo Islas on March 10th, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Hi. I have definitely this problem. But I can’t get the computer to read the USB. I get to the blinking part, but the USB is never read. The light in the USB that turns on when i read data is always off and the blinking of the power button stays forever.

    I’ve tried 5 different USB sticks of all brands and sizes, all formatted in FAT, with the FLASHIT.EXE and the ZG5IA32.FD. I’ve tried with the 3309 and 3310 bios versions.

    I’ve tried all USB ports with no success. I’ve tried using the unetbootin although other posts don’t include it.

    I also tried removing and putting back the motherboard battery.

    What can I try???

  85. Worked for me too.

    I had some trouble at first as I tried to use an old (ancient) 256mb stick. I tried the key sqeuence few times and the usb stick blinked the led few times but thats it. Then I remembered that I had tried to use that same USB stick for live OS but it wouldn’t boot from that. Then I tried with one USB stick I had succeeded to get to boot the Live OS from. And it worked!!

    So, you have to have to have an usb stick that is able to boot, as apparently not all the usb sticks are able to. So try first does the USB stick boot on any other computer.

  86. Worked like a charm for me too.

    Thank you!

  87. I love you man. Was ready to chuck it in the bin before i read this.

  88. Thank you thank you thank you thank you – my day has been saved!

    I first assumed the screen was dead (hardware fault) because the fan was coming on, but then I noticed the drive light wouldn’t come on either.

    As pointed out in other comments, the reference to unetbootin is a little confusing because it never gets mentioned in the actual instructions. I installed unetbootin and never used it, but that’s fine because my dinky netbook is working!

  89. Well…well…WELL DONE…I am sooooo relieved, can now go off into the sunset with my acer one. Seriously you have saved my day….

    My Netbook is working again!!

  90. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Was nervous about doing it but it WORKED!!

  91. owww yeah, big-THX for you dude.
    i just fixed 2 acers with the tumbstick.
    great work for putting it up here.

  92. ypou are the daddy :-)

  93. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

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  95. omg!!!! it worked! my acer turned on after months of black screen….ty ty ty !!!! wooooooooohooooooooooooooooo

  96. yess it works make sure you copy and rename the file.

    thanks a million
    thanks to everybody

  97. Me-ow, black screen fixed right away! Thanks for your expertise. *****

  98. The gift that keeps on giving…. My 13y/o is forever in your debt!

  99. Oooohhhhh, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked a charm. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  100. Thanks for this easy to use tutorial. Fixed my little computer on the first try. Can’t thank you enough.

  101. after days of my husband accusing me of sabotaging his “Mini Me” computer, I have now been able to redeem myself due to this easy to use tutorial!

    I simply went & bought a new flashdrive (all of mine are either in use or I was unwilling to sacrifice one) for $10 at Office Max, play some Amateur Surgeon, then spent less than an hour downloading the files & restoring his little Acer.

    (I am keeping this lil’ flashdrive by the pc desk in the office for future restoration of diva-like status…err…loving wife…)

  102. I having this problem now…and I still can’t fix it…I don’t know why…I followed your instruction and even watched some videos about flashing bios…my acer model is acer aspire 4535..I did not see my pen drive is flashing or the power button is flashing..any idea?

  103. @Alex

    These instructions are only for the Acer Aspire One. The procedure in general might work on other Acer models, but the BIOS file(s) will almost certainly be different.

    Here’s a link to the Acer US Support site – you’ll have to use their navigation system to find the 4535 & you can download the correct BIOS file(s) from there. I don’t know if the procedure will work on this model – I’d try searching for your model number & “flash BIOS” to see if anyone has posted specific instructions for your laptop.

    Good luck!

  104. First of all,thank you for your reply!!
    Before I receive your reply, I already visited that link and downloaded the latest version for acer 4535. The latest version that I downloaded is Bios 2.0.7 , inside this Bios 2.0.7, there are 2 folders, “DOS” and “Windows” , I just don’t know what to do next because there is no instruction or procedure in order to proceed.
    Anyway, thanks for trying. =)

  105. I downloaded the BIOS from ACER website and icon appeared is the VLC icon. After this i am totally lost. any help please.

  106. Thank you so much. It worked like a charm.

  107. I had this problem three times. For the first and the second time the bios flashing did the trick. But the third time… no way jose.

    So I ended up installing ubuntu remix netbook OS. Luckily I had nothing valuable on this netbook. Since I mainly use this to browse the net nothing is lost.

    Now this thing boots and shuts down in matter of seconds… all drivers were there.

    And while running windows the screen did flicker time to time. That’s gone too.

    Only feature I’m missing is the possibility to rotate the screen fast… but some linux-guy might be working on it at the moment…

  108. thank you, it really works. you saved my netbook from going to the garbage bin. mine took less than 1 minute to flash on AAO-110L.

  109. Thanks, man.
    Got it up and running in a few minutes.

  110. Thank you

  111. sick man worked!!!!

  112. Awesome. Thank you! Worked great. I also found the steps posted @ Acer’s site to complement your instructions:

  113. Another succesfully recovery. This netbook looks dead but after following instructions is working again.
    Thanks a lot for helping people. YOU are the ONE (not Aspire)

  114. Hello everyone I tried to do every step on this site and on youtube and nothing worked my screen stayed black!! then someone told me this other much simpler way: My problem was fixed instantly. Unfortunately it formats your computer, but at least it makes it not a paper weight.

    Well a simple way for the Acer Aspire One AOA150 netbook to be Booted if there is an error in start up and cannot be booted is…
    *It has a recovery program on a different partion and can be accessed without even loading windows…
    *As soon as you push the ” POWER ON ” button hold Alt and F10 keys down and push up and down a few times and this will send the aspire straight to recovery mode..
    * I suggest before anything ever happens like this “ALWAYS” create a a recovery disc yourself as you go a long over the years.. >> PROGROMS YOU LIKE , MUSIC, PIC’S AND THE LIKE.. to reinstall after recovery..
    * Just follow the promp’s and your away..
    Hope this helps at least someone out there….

  115. How do I download the bios files? trying to get a dead aspire to work

  116. Worked Fantastic! Thank God! I was freaking out about to take the thing apart and have someone get the data off my hard drive.

    Thanks Buddy!


  118. I have tried the instructions couple of times. I am stuck at the green blinking light. I don’t see any activity on my flash/usb drive. Any other suggestions? Can I install ubuntu remix for the netbook and bypass this bios issue? Or do I need to fix the bios, before I can even install ubuntu remix edition? Thanks for any suggestions.

  119. vous êtes un génie, même moi qui n a aucune idee de ce qu est un bios j’ai réussi!!!

    milles fois merci

  120. Dear mama.

    you don’t need to fix the bios thing to try netbook remix.

    In order to install or try the ubuntu you need to change the boot order by pressing F2-key (if I remember correctly) while the computer is booting. In the bios change the boot order. The order needs to be USB device first.

    Prepare a usb-stick with these prosedures:

    Keep in mind: You can try the Ubuntu from the usb stick but it is not certain that you can recover old files. That was the case with my AAO. And if you end up to install ubuntu you may need to install some codecs (to view videos) from the command line afterwords! That can be a bit of the geeky side but from the ubuntu forums you can find a lot of help.

    I’m not a tech guy but I like my AAO better with netbook remix. If you have doubts about ubuntu (after trying it) and have no valuable files on the drive I suggest that you try Gbold’s procedure.

    By the way, there is a way to make own keyboard combos to rotate the screen. And there is a way to rotate the touchpad too!

  121. thanks a lot it worked

  122. Sorry, it still does not work. I can’t access the USB drives. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  123. Currently im lost with my “Screen of Death”.
    Ive followed instuctions, taken a usb stick, formated it with FAT not 32 thing. And copied the stuff directly on it. without putting it in any folder.
    I stick it into my AA1 press fn+esc and hold. Then press power button and turn the AA1 on. Then few seconds later i release the fn+esc button and power button starts flashing.
    I press the power button once, (it still flashes for like 2 more seconds) and then it just stays as it is. I hear it breathing but nothing else. i wait, tried several times. Tried different versions of the BIOS update like the newest 3310 and the most populair 3304.

    Most people will proly say “Send it to repair” but if you have had this and got it fixed please post any suggestions that could help.

    Thank you :)

  124. OMG!!!!! Thank you so much! Marry me!!! Lol

  125. Hey.. it worked.. thanks a lot.. you’re the best.

  126. Thanks Eric (and macles) for the instructions and thanks Jason for the clarification about which was the bios file. I am now the hero of my 36yo daughter. Acer should also be thanking you because you have just saved their backsides!

    Daniel, mama, how long are you waiting? Go make a cuppa and watch a few minutes of tv.

    George Sims – go back up the top and read from the beginning

    Bongski – should be a zip file, not vlc. Musta downloaded the wrong thing.


  127. Great – worked first time – thanks !!!!!!

  128. I love you man!

  129. How do you copy the Bios and how do you download it

  130. WTF!!!!
    My God i’m happy with this!!!!
    Thank you

  131. thanks worked like a charm :)

  132. It WORKEEEED !!!

    Great Procedure !!

    Thanks a million and Happy New Year !!!

  133. Thanks! worked first time.. it takes only 1½ minutes to reboot, now i tested and everything works great.

    Happy New Year !!!

  134. […] solución la encontré en el blog de Eric Chromick. Donde explica como reflashear la BIOS del netbook como sistema de emergencia. Originalmente este […]

  135. Thanks a lot, I was wondering if send it to repair or just buying another, your procedure saved my time and my money \o/

  136. Worked like a charm.

    Used a 2GB Kingston USB formatted in FAT32 – unzipped the boot files. Made a copy of the boot file itself, and renamed it.

    Did the trick on the Acer!

    Took around 2 minutes.

  137. Thanks so much I used your instructions and my kids acer works again.

  138. Thank you, thank you, thank you, worked a treat n so simple too.

  139. Thx a lot for this, it worked like a charm and saved my recently bought 2nd hand Acer :)

    Three thumbs up !

  140. I did a quick google and found this page after my acer had a black screen on boot not 10 minutes ago. I was a little worried the hardware would need replacing – I thought the mainboard had died.

    Thanks to your awesome guide I have fixed the black screen within a matter of minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever fixed a corrupted bios on a laptop this fast – really wish someone was watching as you gave me the midas touch today.

    Thanks Eric!

  141. My acer just decided to act up out of no where and I am wondering if this will delete all your personal files? I have all my school work and all my kids pictures on my computer and can not afford to lose everything. I do not think it was even backed up on anything. Can anyone help?

  142. Daniel Ellsworth on March 5th, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    I’ve a farm in Mexico and people come to visit. A couple of days ago a Brazilian woman and her boyfriend came by and she had the problem as described by everyone. I was a software engineer for years before “retiring” and said I’d look at it. I pulled down this and other posts but this was the clearest. It worked a charm. By the way I used a 4GB USB flash drive and it worked fine but I did format to FAT using Windows XP diskmgmt.msc. You have to change the default allocation unit size to 32K for a big memory flash drive.

    For the post just above. It does nothing to the disk. This only affects the BIOS. If you ultimately lose the computer just pull the drive and put in on one of those harddisk readers like driveline sells and read it from any computer.

  143. Has anyone fixed one that doesnt read the USB??

    i have 3 of these dead, 1 the fan was running that one is now working and flashed took some attempts but the only time it flashed was when i removed the extra 1gb memory and the hard drive so maybe something to bare in mind, now i have 2 others, both of these the fan doesnt spin up when switched on and both will not read the usb stick, anyone had anyluck with ones like that?

    Thanks, please if you’ve fixed one like this email me at

  144. I follow all instruction, but usb flash seem not blink at all

  145. Thank you so much!!!!! You are great man!!!

    God bless you!!

  146. I cannot thank you enough for this guide! I spent so many hours trying to load windows on this and for it to just *STOP* working shattered me lol, especially since I’m heading overseas and this was going to be perfect for portable internet and skyping with the family back home!

    Thank you so much!

  147. thank you very much it worked!!! i follow’ed the step by step instructions! best regards from Srebia! may you live for 100 years :)

  148. another reality on April 13th, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Working for me!!! Thank you my friend for the very good tutorial.

  149. I did all the above and it light blinked then i turn the power back on again and it light went orange the battery light went dead and now it wont even power up nothing is happening.

  150. YOU SAVED ME A LAPTOP!!! Thanks a million!! You are a computer GOD!!!

  151. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

  152. I had this dead netbook for a little while, and tried this technique a few times without success. With some persistence, I finally found an OLD 1GB usb stick and format it as FAT, not FAT32, then eveything worked like a charm.

    I guess it is important that you don’t use a big stick, which you cannot format as FAT! That was my problem. Thank you for your post.

  153. Kirstin Darke on June 2nd, 2011 at 6:12 am

    Had to format the drive to FAT via admin tools. After that it worked like a charm. Huge thanks!

  154. Stig Svendsen on June 18th, 2011 at 4:13 am

    Thank you so much. It’s people like you saves the day. Following your instructions it took me no longer that 10 minutes and my computer was back on. Super cool.


  155. I’d like to add my thanks. The instructions saved my wife’s computer.

  156. They should give out awards for blog entries…

  157. I did this thing for fourth time now for the one specific AAO.

    Is there a way to make the thing behave so that it never lets itself in to this mood? Turning off hibernation?

  158. I’m not aware of any way to prevent this from happening. The first couple of times I had to reflash it was after booting from a USB drive so I thought that may have been the cause. However, the last 3 times, it was after a normal shutdown from XP installed on the machine. A couple others I’ve fixed have been after normal shutdowns too.

    Wish I had an answer for you but there does not seem to be a permanent solution, just a flaw in the hardware.

  159. man can’t believe how easy this was it just took me 1 minute ! thank you very much for the clear step by step isntructions you just saved my gf’s lap thx a lot!!!

  160. Acer knew about this glitch and probably intentionally shipped this defective product in hopes that people will throw these out (thinking they’re broken) to buy newer ones . . . this has happened to me twice and it seems that it happened around the same day 2 years apart! Like a ticking time bomb . . .

  161. I used a 4GB memory for this procedure. Due to the size of memory, Windows does not offer to format the USB to FAT, FAT32 and NTFS only. Using a small program I’ve formatted the usb in FAT. I followed the procedure, but the led on the usb was blinking very fast and not finish the update. After a few hours, I got a 1GB memory and this procedure has proved successful.

  162. THANK YOU for fixing my Acer A150 within 10 seconds of trying this fix. It was destined for the bin today until I found this page.

  163. dozie lilywhite on August 9th, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Still on my way not yet solved

  164. Thanks a lot for your instructions. very clear!
    I used BIOS v0.3310. In less than a minute my AA1-150 worked again.

  165. Didn’t work for me :( the “FN-Esc” after power up does nothing and it still goes right to the black screen with he flashing cursor. Anyone have another option that may work for my situation? Or is this thing dead?

  166. I press Fn-Esc then while still holding them both down, I press the power button. Nothing happens. No flashing power button. I’ve held for over a minute. Mine is a model AOD 250.

  167. Thanks! This worked!!!!

  168. @big hank 99

    Check the size of your USB drive – there does seem to be a limit. I’ve had success with 64meg upto 1 gig drives and others have reported they had trouble with larger size drives but success after switching to a smaller drive.

    This may have nothing to do with it not working, but it’s something to try.

  169. Thanks Eric. Your intuition was good.

    I am using a 4Gb drive formatted to FAT.

    I’ll try to find a smaller one, but this will be a challenge in this day and age.

  170. Well, tried a 256Mb. No luck.
    On a slight change of topic.
    It seems that the screen is not black, but lit ‘grey’.
    My wife says that my daughter dropped it. It can be connected to a monitor. If my daughter can remember the password, I will try the Windows flash program KAV60129.exe that came with the DOS download.

    I suspect we have broken wiring for the display.

    Thanks for the useful info. I love these fixes, like this one, and like baking the HP printer boards !

  171. @big hank

    Good luck! Laptops usually don’t bounce too well, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Here’s a link to a generic “how to replace your laptop screen” guide from Computer Shopper. The grey color makes me think it’s either the inverter or backlight, but that’s just a guess.

  172. Worked great, Thank you

  173. Is this instruction for windows xp??

  174. tried all of the above.. nothing!

    mine is an aspire 4736z notebook.

    any ideas? please….

  175. This fix is only for the AspireOne, not 4736z. Sorry…

  176. It doesn’t matter, as far as I know, if your AspireOne is running XP or Linux as long as it’s an AspireOne.

  177. This worked for me! THANKS A TON! YOU RULE!!! :)

  178. i’m sorry, i have tried everything here including, changing usb stick, and different BIOS versions. But so far NOTHING, the power led doesn’t even flash. the only thing i notice is the wireless led responding.

    PLZZZZZ help, i’ve been at this two weeks now, same procedures, and nothing. i am willing to try anything.

  179. will this fix work for aspire one happy

  180. tnx a lot.,)

  181. I have done this in my AA1 and worked. However, it did not fix an aa1 of a friend. I used a kingston usb memory stick of 128 mb formated as fat, copied flashit & the renamed ZG5IA32.FD, started the aa1 with usb attached, fn+esc and then the power button, it started blinking after a 1-2 sec but it did not read from usb!!

    tried: 3 more usb, formated as fat36, all usb ports, drained the battery and still the same…have already tried from sd port but nothing!!

    does anyone have a solution for this?

  182. Tom Recktenwald on October 24th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Try this – it worked for me. Connect your Acer Aspire One to a projector with a VGA cable. When I did that, I was able to view my Acer’s display on the projected image. Then, I pressed Fn + F5 to switch my display from the projector to the netbook.

    No problems since.

  183. It’s alive!!!! Thanks so much.

  184. Hello, I’m from Rwanda(Africa), i have tried everything downloading, renaming, copy to flash driver but not working, the problem is that there is no rebooting the screen stays black. please help, help me. God bless

  185. It worked! Thanks soooo much!!! My daughter is now a happy camper!

  186. hi. My acer aspire one ao751h bios is cruppted thats why this is not showing display plx help me how to flash bios.

  187. Thanks for the tutorial man, it worked flawlessly.

  188. works fine.

  189. I’ve read and re-read these steps so many times, from so many different sites and videos but I still cannot get that power light to flash! I’ve tried 4 different USB drives in various formats (FAT, FAT32, with MBR and without, with bootfiles and without) and different sizes (32mb, 1gb, 16gb, and 32gb) in all 3 USB ports, with and without the battery, holding Fn+Esc for varying lengths of time before releasing after pressing the power button, and the power light will not flash! And of course, the USB drive is never accessed.

    It’s an Acer Aspire One D260. There are 2 .FD files along with the FLASHIT.EXE and FLASH.EXE in the DOS folder of the downloaded .ZIP. So far I’ve only tried renaming the first one (ends with “A”) to zg5ia32.fd. I haven’t even tried the second pne yet because as far as I can tell the USB isn’t being looked at at all yet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at all? This all started when the battery ran down completely dead. Ever since it gets power, the fan spins, but nothing else. The power light and battery light on the front are both blue.

    Please help! Anyone??

  190. A little bit of an update:

    It’s an Acer Aspire One D260. There are 2 .FD files along with the FLASHIT.EXE and FLASH.EXE in the DOS folder of BIOS that was downloaded from I’ve tried renaming both the .FD files (AV70316A and AV70316B) to zg5ia32.fd. Not at the same time, of course.

    If I have the battery out, and the AC unplugged, then hold Fn+Esc, then plug in the power, then tap the power button, the power button light comes on and the fan spins and stays on. The USB is accessed for a very brief time right after hitting power. But the power indicator or power button light never flash. After holding anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds, and releasing and waiting for several minutes. No flashing, no more USB access.

    If the AC is plugged in before I hold Fn+Esc, same as above except the power indicator light on the front is on as well and the fan stops within about 2-3 seconds.

    If the battery is attached, it acts the same way as if the AC was always plugged in. Except that the battery indicator light is blue as well.

  191. I just purchased a totally wiped Acer Aspire One on eBay, and have had it for less than two weeks. After installing XP and all the various drivers, it just died. Yep the infamous black screen. Panic time. But this and other sites showed me there was hope indeed. The only thing different I did was edit the BAT file so that it points to zg5ia32.fd instead of the original FD file (which might be the reason some people need BOTH the original and renamed FD file).

    It LIVES!!! Happy Dance Time.

  192. I’m having the exact same issue with the D260 that Bryan has.

    I’ve tried various USB sticks, formats, etc and both .FD files (even tried zg5ia32A.fd and zg5ia32B.fd) with zero luck. I have two SanDisk USB disks that have internal LEDs to show activity, and neither lights up.

    So frustrating. I’m about to toss this thing and buy something else, and I damn sure will never buy another Acer machine again.

  193. Wow thanks. I thought it was done for, but this did the trick!

  194. Thanks for tip! I thought I had to throw my Acer Aspire One in the trash. However, I followed your instructions and, now I am able to use my netbook again.

  195. I’m having the same trouble with an AA1 D260 as Bryan and Chris. The newer models appear to have a different bios recovery procedure. The service manual says to unplug then hold Fn+Esc while plugging in but I cant get a new bios in there. Some info online about crisis disk recovery through usb but I cant figure out how to get it working on AA1 D260, any ideas?

    Chris I feel your pain, mine happened 13 months from new with a 12 month warantee.

  196. Eric – followed all the steps and the light is flashing on power, but it won’t turn on the USB drive. Is there a special USB port to use? I know the BIOS is messed up and if I can just get it to take the USB drive and Flash it it will turn on. Or is there a trick to the 2nd time you hit the power button after it’s flashing? Thanks

  197. @Dave

    I usually use the USB port on the left side out of habit, but I don’t think it makes any difference which one you use. At least, I’ve never noticed a specific port being recommended.

    For me, using a USB drive smaller than 1gig & making sure it’s formatted to FAT (not FAT32) seems to make all the difference in whether it works or not.

  198. hi. thank you so much! it really worked! i really thought this thing couldn’t be fix but really thanks to you, i wouldn’t leave this page without saying thank you . :) mind if i share this with others? i know how frustrating it is.

  199. […] Ver comentarios Dejar un comentario FacebookTwitterLa solución la encontré en el blog de Eric Chromick. Donde explica como reflashear la BIOS del netbook como sistema de emergencia. Originalmente este […]

  200. i’m sorry, i have AO532h, but, i can’t use this step to do in my netbook. someone can help me? my netbook still black screen..

  201. @rendy

    I don’t have an AO532h and have never had to fix one so all I can suggest is asking at

  202. Hey guys! same problem with the AO D260

    The solution here won’t work whit this model. Does anyone knows how to do the recovery proceure for this machine?.

    My problem, was weird. I’ve updated the bios by executing the flashit command + the filename.fd that comes with the latest release downloaded from acer support. After that the screen show me “Block writed succesfully, bios updated” the system reboots and NEVER boot up again. It may be a problem known by acer, so tomorrow I’ll contact them looking for an answer, as I’ve follow all the steps recommended by them. (the funny thing? Acer seems to know about this issue with de D260, because when you go to the download page, there’s a message tellin’ you that the system may crash if you upgrade the bios without the correct aknowledgment).

    (email deleted to prevent spam harvesters)

    This is ONLY for the Acer Aspire One D260 owners, because with the other machines, seems to work very well.


  203. Hi nano,

    Just wondering if you got your problem sorted as i have the same Acer Aspire One AOD260 with the same problem and just wondering if anyone has found a solution as yet as i am still trying to find one to fix my unhappy daughters netbook 8(,

    Thanks 8)


  205. @david

    I don’t have an AOD255E so I have no experience fixing one. If you describe exactly what your AOD255E is doing, or not doing, maybe someone will have some suggestions. As far as I know, the BIOS fix above only works with the AOA 150 series.

    You can also try the Acer forums at

  206. Has anyone solved the black screen on the Acer D260? I’ve tried everything but a new motherboard. Powers on, lights come on fan spins HD spins but nothing at all on the screen, not even a cursor. I’ve taken out the battery, ac adapter and held power button, i’ve reseated the ram, the hard drive works in another acer so it’s not a bad hard drive. the screen works in another acer so it’s not the screen. I’ve tried plugging it into an external monitor and nothing there either… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  207. i have tried the all procedure but not usb drive is not reading.what is the problem plz reply.there are too many important thing in my laptop.i have acer aspire one aoa150.

  208. @mandy

    Is your USB drive 256 meg or smaller? If not, try to borrow one or buy one. The largest reported size that’s successfully worked is 256meg. It seems, tho I have no proof, that there is a limit to the maximum size drive this reflash works with.

  209. Was having same problems as listed (black screen of death I assumed) Aspire One zg5 would power on, but nothing on the screen. Tried to do the BIOS fix,power button would flash and flash, usb would flash and flash, battery light would be on, but wouldn’t ever stop/reboot like the various directions on various sites said it would. Stopped procedures after last time of tryin (left it going for 20-30 minutes), and now it won’t power on at all, nor will the battery light come on. (Will flash orange briefly when battery is out and plugging in the cord, then nothing) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

  210. […] things have changed since I wrote my original post on Aspire One Black Screen of Death way back on 01/28/2009. Macles site is no longer at Blogspot, so you can’t get the latest […]

  211. Please help I have tried this one million times with one million variations, different USB sticks. I now have the netbook apart with and taken CMOS battery out NOTHING will work. I have tried everything. It will flash the power light, but the USB light never comes on.

  212. I’ve tried manytime with my Aspire A0531h zg8(W.xp) but nothing appens. Even with bios 3304 and 3108.
    Rename .fd and .exe likes ZG5IA32.FD and InsideFlash.exe, I don’t know if it’s correct??

    Thank a lot for your help!

  213. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! As someone else said, your ‘fix’ worked like a charm and first time!

  214. With AOA110 is ok but with AO751h ?
    Thanks !

  215. Aspire One A0D260 – Black Screen of Death

    Bryan on January 22nd, 2012 at 9:29 pm
    Chris on February 5th, 2012 at 7:00 pm
    Glen on March 8th, 2012 at 11:39 pm
    Nano on April 11th, 2012 at 10:23 pm
    Kerry on April 20th, 2012 at 6:05 am
    INgrl on September 16th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    All of the above posts had issue with Black Screen of Death on Acer D260 Netbooks.

    Did any of the above people managed to resolve their issues with D260?

    I cannot seem to find anything on the web where anyone has successfully resurrected thier D260 from the BSOD.
    Any suggestions???

  216. Hello everyone
    I followed all the steps but when I hold Fn+Esc and the start button nothing is working.I have acer aspire 5252. please HELP

  217. Oddly……. I put my acer d260 aside on a shop table for about a month or so…. had taken it completely apart to get the motherboard model numbers as I had plans to buy a new MB. Never got around to that so decided to put it back together and sell it on ebay as broken… well it powered up! Like nothing was wrong with it. The only thing I can think of is that with the cmos battery, no charge and no battery to the board for the extended amount of time something discharged and reset itself. Prior to this I had tried everything listed on this blog board.

  218. If the power button don’t start to flash…what to do?

  219. Well thats the second time i’ve used these instructions to bring me little netbook back to life. Ta very much.

  220. I was intimidated by this solution so my husband removed the battery, waited 30 seconds and reinstalled it. Then he booted up and the screen came up just fine! (My hero!)

  221. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  222. My acer one aspire 756 has 2 fd files in the BIOS zip:
    “HM77x64.fd” and “NM70x64.fd”. Which one should I use and rename?
    And shouldI rename it to ZG5IA32.FD like everyone else?

    I am desperate, please help!!

  223. AO D250 Kav60 file, Bios reflash, black screen, Hard Drive formatted. After many hours and many options 1g usb flash card, 512, 256, 128, 64 sd cards, the flash drive continues flashing. Have manual and all bios updates. Any further ideas. Thanks

  224. Ohh muchisisimas gracias si me funciono, no sabia que tenian este problema esta notebook Gracias buen aporte!! ¿alguien sabe a que se debe este problema?

  225. Muchas Gracias por compartir, me funcionó a la perfección… Yo utilicé una memoria de 8Gb con formato FAT32 y los archivos de la versión modificada. 😀

  226. Thank you. The Acer Website has good instructions. Thank you for getting me there.

  227. —– Taking The Fix To The Next Level. ——
    After following the procedure provided, on many other sites, I had no avail. The instructions where crystal clear, but I failed to get past the ‘Black Screen of Death’. The BIOS flashing would never come to an end, with nothing but just a flashing green light.
    I tried this multiple times and followed many alternative repair procedures such as:
    -Removing RAM.
    -Take Out CMOS battery.
    -Resetting the CMOS.

    — Now for the fix. —
    With no hope left, I once again fully dissembled the laptop, removing the CMOS battery once more, leaving it out for about ten minuets, I then proceeded to format another memory stick in the FAT format, and to my surprise, using a different memory stick worked!

    *Also you may be required to copy ‘FLASHIT.EXE’ from another BIOS archive from ACER if one is not included in yours, like my one.

    Model: Acer Aspire One AO531h-1bk

  228. Hi all,

    firstly thanks to everyone for their comments here – very helpful.

    BUT can anyone confirm if the recovery process for the D260 model(NAV70)???
    I see peeps with similar problem but no resolution.

    Any help appreciated.


  229. DaveBoy,

    Just seen you posting…….

    Following my post “Red Fox on December 10th, 2012 at 5:39 pm”

    I have given up hope of resurrecting my D260.
    I’ve tried sahorting the Bios battery to no avail..
    Also tried several sized USB Flash drives again no result.

    If you do ever get it sorted a post here would be very useful!

  230. ok cheers fella. Me given up also }:o)

    Some you win..

  231. Thank you! This worked so well!

  232. Same issue, manufacture date is 2012/2/14. before i knew of the bios flash thing i saw the options about static build up. i was messing around with removing the battery and such and at one point got the lights to flash… but ever since then i get nothiog. same issue as above, no reading of usb drive, no flashing lights. hopefully someone figures this out.

  233. i have a problem in y laptop hp pavilion 15-n001sx after field to update bios the laptop start but screen remain black plz help me to solve this problem

  234. Give it to someone that knows what theyre doing. Clearly you dont if you’ve flashed it and itsfailed.
    It also helps to write in english.

  235. Alex Bittner on May 25th, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Acer Aspire 1810TZ:

    No black, but a very dim screen: Backlight off, but occasionally on (every few hours or so). Weird: Plugging the power in always produced a totally black screen.

    I found that the leads behind the LCD screen, from bottom to top (obviously to the backlight), had a loose connection and/or shortcut, close to the top, where the leads make two 90º turns.

  236. Hello,
    French user of an Acer One PAV70 I encountered that black screen problem. On an external screen on the VGA output I have the display. I can switch by pressing Fn+F5.
    I found the last bios published but I can’t find the tool used to flash
    Can you help me please ?

  237. i have problem LED power orange color cause not succes update BIOS power can.t off how solution


  238. Thank you for saving my grand daughters netbook.

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