Aspire One Black Screen of Death – Part 2

Many things have changed since I wrote my original post on Aspire One Black Screen of Death way back on 01/28/2009. Macles site is no longer at Blogspot, so you can’t get the latest BIOS file download from there or read other user’s experiences & tips. However, judging from the amount of traffic this post still gets, and other sites with articles describing the same thing, there are still lots of Aspire One users who continue to have the same problem.

Acer now has a document ( that describes the procedure to use if you get the Black Screen of Death.

But, in the download for the latest BIOS version, they now include a program called “InsydeFlash.exe”. The readme.txt file has three simple steps:
1. Connect AC power
2. Clik InsydeFlash
3. Click “sure” to start flash BIOS.

If your Aspire One will boot into Windows, you can use InsydeFlash to update the BIOS without having to fool around with the FN + ESC key method. I used this version to update from 3308 to 3310 & it worked just fine.

So, you need to download the 3310 version of the BIOS from Acer at, unzip all the files, copy them to a flash drive and run InsydeFlash.

In case you can’t find it on Acer’s site I’ve put a copy here you can download: BIOS_Acer_3310_A_AOA110 & AOA150

Just a reminder; this BIOS file is only for the Aspire One AOA110 & AOA150 models. Don’t even try it on any other models!

Good luck!

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