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TimeWarner is making YouTube unusable, again

For the last week or so, I’ve been very frustrated trying to watch anything from YouTube on my RoadRunner account at home. The tracert suggests that somewhere between Montgomery (Cincinnati) Ohio and Columbus, Ohio they’re dumping packets on the ground. Up until today, I’d been using HideMyAss.comĀ to get around their problem, but this evening, even […]

AdSense Interest-Based Ads Confusion

I’d like to say I understand this new “feature” from Google, but I can’t.

QB Enterprise error -6190-816

“QuickBooks was unable to open the company file” is not the kind of error message I like to hear about the morning after an upgrade. I hadĀ applied QB Enterprise Update V9R6 to the server and all the client machines, following the instructions to the letter, rebooting when prompted and logged in from each pc. Everything […]