QB Enterprise error -6190-816

“QuickBooks was unable to open the company file” is not the kind of error message I like to hear about the morning after an upgrade. I had applied QB Enterprise Update V9R6 to the server and all the client machines, following the instructions to the letter, rebooting when prompted and logged in from each pc. Everything looked fine.

A quick Google returned mostly Linux related errors, which did me no good since this is a SBS/AD system, but there was a nugget of useful information in there;  the QB Database Server Manager may not be running. 

I checked services.msc and found the Database Server Service running, which I assumed was the same as Database Server Manager, and restarted it – still no go.  QB Database Server Service and QB Database Manager are two separate things and both, apparently, have to be running for QB to work.

The odd thing is that prior to the “update”, QB was working just fine, so I’m not positive what changed. I do know that Database Manager is not in the Startup, or run registry keys, so I have no idea how/why it worked before…

Oh yeah, the “update” helpfully turned off multiuser mode on all the XP clients, too.

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