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Aspire One Black Screen of Death – Part 2

Many things have changed since I wrote my original post on Aspire One Black Screen of Death way back on 01/28/2009. Macles site is no longer at Blogspot, so you can’t get the latest BIOS file download from there or read other user’s experiences & tips. However, judging from the amount of traffic this post […]

Moblin V2.0 Beta on Aspire One

I did a quick test of the Moblin V2.0 beta running from USB on my Aspire One a few days ago. I realize this is a Beta, but the first thing I tested after wireless was the Intro video, which didn’t work! I wasn’t able to install the Flash player from the browser so I […]

Aspire One Black Screen of Death

Updated 11/04/2012: If you can still boot into Windows, see Aspire One Black Screen of Death – Part 2 for a new utility from Acer that makes an update to the BIOS on a working Aspire One a lot easier.   Based on the amount of traffic this post still gets, and other sites with articles describing the same […]

Turn off the touchpad on the Aspire One

Touchpads drive me crazy! Fortunately, Acer was kind (and smart) enough to make Fn + F7 toggle it on & off. And, as an added bonus, this also works in Puppy Linux 4.1.2 retro k2.6.21.7! If I could see better, or had taken the time to read the manual, I may have discovered this on […]

Use your Acer AspireOne as an eBook reader

I’ve had a lot of .pdf files to read recently and thought pretty seriously about buying a Kindle so I could carry them around with me.  But, after a little research, and some thought, it looked like viewing .pdf’s on a Kindle was iffy at best and potentially a PITA if I had to convert […]