Lightweight Portable Security LiveCD from our friends at DoD

Update 03/30/2013: Once again, it’s been a while since I checked in at the LPS site and there have been more updates & releases. As of 03/13/2013 it’s now at version 1.4.0. Check the links below for the details.

There’s also an amusing video to watch.

Update 06/30/2012: I haven’t looked at the LPS site for almost a year until today and realized that there have been many updates, roughly one a month, since its initial release. As of 06/15/2012, it’s at version 1.3.5. Here’s link to the release notes page so you can see for yourself –

The ATSPI Technology Office at WPAFB has released version 1.2.2 of “Lightweight Portable Security” LiveCD. It’s linux-based, has low end hardware requirements and can be booted from CD or using the built-in script, you can make a bootable USB drive.

I got it to boot in Vbox with 384megs and 800×600 resolution. When I bumped the RAM up to the recommended 512megs it went to 1024×768 automatically. It found my DHCP server & FireFox worked as expected. I haven’t had time to try any of the other features, so if you get a chance to play with it leave a comment with your results.

The link below has the standard ISO, plus a “Deluxe” version that includes OpenOffice and Adobe Reader. There are also release notes, a user manual & a quick start guide.

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  1. I noticed when using LPS with the built-in Firefox that I see intermittent hits on Google Analytics at unexpected times (Firefox shows Google Analytics URLS down at the bottom left portion of the Firefox window in the way that it shows other URLS when I hover over links on web pages and when web pages are being loaded.

    Does LPS include some type of tracking/monitoring that is leveraging Google Analytics somehow built in to the image?

    Your thoughts?

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