My Raspberry Pi has arrived!

I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for my Raspberry Pi to show up since mid-March & can’t wait to get started playing with it.

My goal is use it as the controller for a compact NAS despite the potential bandwidth issues with USB drives as the media. I’ll probably do the first backups with the drive(s) connected to the source machines and Rsync the changes afterward, so I’m not too concerned about saturation. I could be wrong tho.

I also want to try Puppy for Raspberry Pi – search or browse thru the posts on Barry’s blog for updates on his builds. It’s an Alpha now and still has some issues. I’ll post a link to the image once it gets to the Release stage.

Rasbperry Pi Links

Raspberry Pi home
Links to Downloads, wiki, Forum, & FAQs are in the top nav. Very helpful and beginner-friendly community.

RPi Verified Peripherals at
Very good list of known working & problem hardware including SD cards, USB hubs, mice & keyboards, plus some cases.

MagPi – A Magazine For Raspberry Pi Users
Fun & interesting to read projects, code to try, etc for all ages & experience levels.

Puppy Linux on the Raspberry Pi at the Raspberry Pi Forum

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