Privacy Policy wordpress plugin link hijacked

I’ve been happily using the Privacy Policy generator plugin by Eric Giguere on a number of sites for quite a while. I happened to be looking at it one day recently and decided to read what he had written in the Privacy Policy Primer link included in the policy.

Boy was I surprised! The link to the primer has been hijacked by a popup virus warning scam that takes over your browser. My anti-virus went nuts & I eventually had to kill the browser to make it go away. I’m not sure if the rest of the site or the plugin itself have also been infected, but I won’t be going there any time soon!

The link looks more or less like this:
“See this www synclastic com / privacy / privacy-policies privacy policy primer to learn more about privacy policies in general.”

I’ve intentionally kept the URL spaced out so you know what it is & what it looks like.

I’ll be removing the link from all of my sites so none of my readers get the same nasty surprise I did!

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