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Upgrade to WordPress 2.7!

WordPress 2.7 has been out for 3 weeks or so, and I have yet to hear of any reason not to upgrade.  I’m just now getting updated due to holiday insanity, but mostly because it’s been such a PITA to upgrade at this webhost. However, after upgrading, I discovered that 2.7 has the ability […]

VBScript for IE patches – MS08-078 / KB960714

This is a very simplistic VBscript I hacked together to help deploy the patches for MS08-078 / KB960714. In brief it checks the registry to see if Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 is installed and then runs the appropriate updater. Things you should know: Automatic updates will probably do this for you The script […]

Internet Explorer Updates available for MS08-078 / KB960714

Download: Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP w/ IE6 (KB960714) Download: Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB960714) Security Bulletins: MS08-078 Knowledge Base (KB) Articles: KB960714

RadioShack Offers $99 Acer Aspire One

Via Yahoo Tech News / NewsFactor, Acer, AT&T and RadioShack are offering an AspireOne for $99 with a 2 year AT&T DataConnect mobile-broadband service agreement. I couldn’t find it at AT&T’s site, but RadioShack has some info here. Based on the specs shown, 160gig HD, 1gig RAM, XPHome, I’m guessing it’s essentially the Aspire One […]

Acer Aspire One ~8 hr battery available now

Via AspireOneUser ~8 hour 7200mAh batteries are now available. The link at AspireOneUser is to the UK eBay site, but the one below goes to US eBay. They seem to average around $80, which doesn’t seem too bad to me. Aspire One ~8 hr 7200mAh batteries on eBay Update 01/14/2009: Prices seem to be trending […]