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bing results slightly less than useful

I have no intention of bashing bing or participating in a holy war of search engines but this was a little hard to ignore. So, I’m doing the update dance trying to fix a severely mangled XP Home install. 4 .Net updates fail a couple times and I startup the newly installed IE8 to search […]

What happened to Chuck on 2/9/09?

I really enjoy the Chuck series on NBC, so every Monday night at 8 EST, I’m parked in front of a tv. When I can’t watch it at its normal time, I depend on or for my fix. Hulu usually has the episode available about 1 AM Tuesday. Monday the 9th I couldn’t […]

Obama's inauguration at LEGOLAND

Via CNN:

Printable calendars for 2009

It’s that time of year again – time to find a printable calendar for 2009. I should have done this months ago, but I didn’t. My all time favorite for planning purposes is David Seah’s Compact Calendar: Click here to go to his site, read the philosophy behind “The Candy Bar Theory of Calendar Design”¬†and […]

HDMI Cables are too damn expensive!

It’s the gift giving season, so while fighting my way thru the crowds at a couple big box electronic stores, I thought I’d check out HDMI cables. I don’t own anything nearly new enough to use the cables, but they’d make a nice present for someone who does. That is, until I saw the prices! […]