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TimeWarner is making YouTube unusable, again

For the last week or so, I’ve been very frustrated trying to watch anything from YouTube on my RoadRunner account at home. The tracert suggests that somewhere between Montgomery (Cincinnati) Ohio and Columbus, Ohio they’re dumping packets on the ground. Up until today, I’d been using┬áto get around their problem, but this evening, even […]

AdSense Interest-Based Ads Confusion

I’d like to say I understand this new “feature” from Google, but I can’t.

HDMI Cables are too damn expensive!

It’s the gift giving season, so while fighting my way thru the crowds at a couple big box electronic stores, I thought I’d check out HDMI cables. I don’t own anything nearly new enough to use the cables, but they’d make a nice present for someone who does. That is, until I saw the prices! […]

MicroCenter has a couple of deals on Corsair RAM kits this week, but…

This link should take you to the email flier I received: And, I’ll admit I was pretty excited since I just got VMware’s ESX 3i Server running on my PowerSpec B610. I would have been thrilled to bump it up to 4 gigs so I could do more stuff I don’t need to, simultaneously. […]

Accessing the recovery partition on Sony VAIO VGN-NR385E -use F10

Yet another Sony mystery. Undocumented in the included paperwork, as far as I can tell. Oh yeah, if you want a recovery disk, you need to call in the first 30 days after purchase to get one free. After that, it’s voicemail hell to get to a live body, before you can send them more […]