Turn off the touchpad on the Aspire One

Touchpads drive me crazy! Fortunately, Acer was kind (and smart) enough to make Fn + F7 toggle it on & off. And, as an added bonus, this also works in Puppy Linux 4.1.2 retro k2.6.21.7!

If I could see better, or had taken the time to read the manual, I may have discovered this on day one. Maybe this will save someone else some frustration!

Below is a slightly modified version of the help file, which on my AAO, is found at C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\Help.htm.

Help on Hot Keys

The keyboard hotkeys perform special functions.


Keyboard Hot Keys

To activate a keyboard hotkey, press and hold the Fn key, then press the other key(s) in the combination.


Hot Key Function Description
Fn+F1 Hot key help Displays this help file.
Fn+F2 System Properties Launch System Properties.
Fn+F3 Power Options Launch Power Options.
Fn+F4 Sleep Puts the computer in Sleep mode, which can be defined via the advanced section of the Power Options Properties in the Windows Control Panel.
Fn+F5 Display toggle Switches display output between the notebook LCD, an external monitor and both the notebook LCD and external monitor.
Fn+F6 Screen blank Turns the LCD backlight off to save power; press any key to resume.
Fn+F7 Touchpad on/off Turns the internal touchpad on and off.
Fn+F8 Speaker on/off Turns the speakers on and off.

6 Responses to “Turn off the touchpad on the Aspire One”

  1. Thank you for your help!

  2. Fn +F7 Fantastic, I suffered for months, even going so far as to stick a Tim Hortons Quickpay Card over the touch pad and on my first google I found the solution.

    Thanks , thanks thanks

  3. thank you so much i’ve bad this netbook for about four weeks now and the sodding touchpad has always plagued me now it never bothers me thank you

  4. Thanks,
    But I wanted it the other way.
    By mistake I had obviously hit Fn+F7 and disabled touchpad a couple of days ago. Since then the touchpad did not work, not on Win7
    , not on Linux.
    I thought my netbook was broken. Found no setting in the bios.
    Googled and found this site. Thank you. Now my touchpad works again.

  5. Thanks a ton. My touchpad has been bothering me for months and your fix was perfect and fast!

  6. Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract on March 31st, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here
    by searching for aspire one

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