What happened to Chuck on 2/9/09?

I really enjoy the Chuck series on NBC, so every Monday night at 8 EST, I’m parked in front of a tv. When I can’t watch it at its normal time, I depend on Hulu.com or NBC.com for my fix. Hulu usually has the episode available about 1 AM Tuesday.

Monday the 9th I couldn’t get to a tv at 8, so I was looking forward to catching it on Hulu, but no luck. NBC doesn’t have it either and as of Wednesday, I haven’t been able to find any explanation or press releases to explain why it’s not on either site.

Did I miss something of global importance that pre-empted the show?


3 Responses to “What happened to Chuck on 2/9/09?”

  1. Worse than that is what was with the 3D episode.

  2. chuck was awesome, i loved (and i mean loved) yvonne strahovski (sp?) she rocked, and the cast was perfect !!!
    so where did the show go ? it’s far better than the crap they have on now !!!


  3. According to NBC.com, Chuck returns in March. Looking forward to the new season!

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