11/11/2012 Quad Lasers is now gone & the Wayback Machine can’t display the page due to a robots.txt so here’s the readme.txt file & a link to download a copy of  unix-kit.zip.

Download for unixkit-tiny

These utilities were gleaned from:

Source of most of the non-archiver stuff, plus the archivers ‘arc’,
‘arj’, ‘bzip2’, ‘gzip’, ‘tar’, ‘zip’ and ‘unzip’.

zsh (they call it sh.exe, but it’s apparently zsh),
grep, find

UPX, used to compress binaries for the ‘tiny’ versions of this kit

ActivePerl, featured in some versions of this kit


xvi (here presented as ‘vi.exe’)

microemacs (here presented as “emacs.exe”)



and myself (J. L. Blank <jlb@twu.net>):
Idea, packaging, clever use of ‘upx’ to compress binaries for the
‘tiny’ versions, and need for a simple Unixlike system I could carry
around on my USB thumb-drive and take to Windows-using clients’… 🙂



This ‘tiny’ version has all the .exes and .dlls compressed by upx… well,
all of those that don’t seem to screw up when compressed in this manner. 🙂

It also does not have:

* emacs
* upx
* bzcat (redundant with ‘bunzip2’)
* zcat (redundant with ‘gunzip’)
* more (redundant with ‘less’)
* dir, vdir, dircolors (redundant with ‘ls’ 🙂 )
* sum, sha1sum (redundant with ‘cksum’ and ‘md5sum’)
* shar, unshar, mailshar (why you would need this in Windows is
beyond me)
* arj-register (I doubt anyone will register this)
* arjdisp (lesser-known and probably not needed. Most people simply want
a way to extract arjes, not a fancy interface for it.)
* mkfifo, mknod (pretty useless under Windows)
* install (the whole point of Unix-Kit is to NOT install things… certainly
someone walking around with a copy of Unix-Kit-Tiny on a USB thumb drive
won’t want to use this on client machines 🙂 )
* diff3 (redundant with diff)
* lessecho (less-er known. Ha ha! A joke. Probably not widely used.)
* lesskey (lesser known; probably won’t work right under Windows anyhow)
* zipsplit (probably not needed in this situation; you can use ‘split’ anyhow,
* zipcloak, zipnote (I don’t even know what these DO)
* rearj (ho hum)
* lzop (REALLY obscure and probably not used by the average Unix geek)
* ginstall (what the heck is this?)
* tree (lesser-used; you can just use ‘ls -lR’ or ‘find’)
* expand (use this instead: tr ‘\t’ ‘ ‘)
* unexpand (use this instead: tr ‘ ‘ ‘\t’)
* chgrp (probably totally useless in Windows anyhow)
* cmp (use ‘diff’)
* marc
* ptx (obscure and probably unused by 99.99% of Unix geeks)
* sdiff (lesser-known and probably virtually unused)
* all locales except en_GB (sorry, international folks!)
* od (why you’d use this in Windows is beyond me)
* comm (probably redundant with ‘diff’ and ‘uniq’ anyhow)

UnixKit for Windows is a toolkit of Unixlike programs for Microsoft Windows. Unlike CygWin, it does not require installation. In fact, it leaves absolutely no traces on the host machine when you’re done using it.The -tiny branch presently includes:arc arj bash bunzip2 bzip2 bzip2recover cat chmod cksum cp csplit cut dd df diff du file find fmt fold funzip grep gunzip gzip head join less ln ls md5sum mkdir more mv nano nl paste patch pico pr rm rmdir sed sort split stat tac tail tar touch tr tsort uniq unrar unzip uudecode uuencode vi wc wget zip zsh

It looks like the original link to this site http://jlb.twu.net/code/unixkit.php is no longer working, however, thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine you can click here to see the original page and visit Quad Lasers to download.

Update 02/09/2008:

Also check out GnuWin32 and UnxUtils.

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