Use your Acer AspireOne as an eBook reader

I’ve had a lot of .pdf files to read recently and thought pretty seriously about buying a Kindle so I could carry them around with me.  But, after a little research, and some thought, it looked like viewing .pdf’s on a Kindle was iffy at best and potentially a PITA if I had to convert all my documents.

I’ve been carrying around my AA1 and doing most of my .pdf reading on it, but have been a little frustrated trying to find the right combination of magnification and page width to get the most legible view. 

Then I had an epiphany:

FoxIt Reader can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise and go fullscreen with just a couple of keystrokes! I’m already using FoxIt so this is a no brainer.

  • CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS is clockwise
  • CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS is counterclockwise
  • F11 makes it fullscreen
  • ESC cancels fullscreen
  • SPACEBAR acts like Page Down

(you can also use the Left & Right arrow keys for Page Up & Down)

Problem solved!

Now I don’t have to spend $360 for yet another single purpose device!

2 Responses to “Use your Acer AspireOne as an eBook reader”

  1. guess you learn something new everyday! thanks much

  2. Eric, thanks so VERY much. I’ve been out there wandering around thinking to myself that I really don’t want to spend another chunk for a single use gadget. Then it dawned on my. I have an AA1. Why not use that for ebooks. Searched. Found your post. LOVE IT.

    Thanks again.

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