SpywareKillers.info re-launched

Due to my frustration during a recent spate of client ad/spyware & virus infections, I’ve updated and re-launched my SpywareKillers.info site.

The goal is to have a single place to send family, friends, and clients for the tools they need to remove spyware, viruses, malware, etc., and keep their machines clean. The “how to”, review & tutorial sections will explain, in English, exactly where to download from, what to select during the installation, and how to use the tools.

There’s also an Update page that lists the most recent updates & info about all the tools I mention. It’s automatic, so it’s never out of date.

There’s no scams, crapware, or BS. These are the tools I use because I know they work.

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  1. Having any luck with this?

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