NorhTec Gecko EduBook

Via the Puppy Linux developer’s blog.

NorhTec has announced the upcoming release of the Gecko EduBook. Specs here.

I’m especially excited about this because it really makes me think of the old Tandy Model 100. Decent battery life from AA’s, no moving parts, instant on, just works. Despite having an Aspire One, I have 2 Model 100’s that still get some use, even today. Yes, I’m living in the past, but compared to the laptops of today, well there’s just no comparison.


  • The video demos it running XP & you can get it preloaded with Ubuntu Remix. To me, that implies it’s x86 compatible enough to run Puppy Linux!
  • It runs on 8 AA batteries!
  • It’s bootable from an internal SD card, 2.5″ IDE disk (or CF card & adapter?) or USB.
  • Power supply is built-in. Only a cheap, standard power cable to loose.
  • Basic configuration at ~$200!

In a May 14, 2009 reply to the post about the Edubook at’s New Linux User NorhTec President Michael C. Barnes says:

“We have tested the Edubook with Kubuntu, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Slax, Debian, Mint, and Voyage Linux.”

That’s a pretty strong indication that Puppy will run on the Gecko given NorhTec’s previous success running Puppy on their MicroClient Jr.

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