DAY-CON VI: Dayton Security Summit

This year’s topic is Point Of Origin Hacking and it promises to be very interesting.

Private training runs October 9th – 11th and the conference will be October 12th, with Packet Wars on the 13th.

Visit for more info, schedule of events or to reserve your seat.

Lightweight Portable Security LiveCD from our friends at DoD

Update 03/30/2013: Once again, it’s been a while since I checked in at the LPS site and there have been more updates & releases. As of 03/13/2013 it’s now at version 1.4.0. Check the links below for the details.

There’s also an amusing video to watch.

Update 06/30/2012: I haven’t looked at the LPS site for almost a year until today and realized that there have been many updates, roughly one a month, since its initial release. As of 06/15/2012, it’s at version 1.3.5. Here’s link to the release notes page so you can see for yourself –

The ATSPI Technology Office at WPAFB has released version 1.2.2 of “Lightweight Portable Security” LiveCD. It’s linux-based, has low end hardware requirements and can be booted from CD or using the built-in script, you can make a bootable USB drive.

I got it to boot in Vbox with 384megs and 800×600 resolution. When I bumped the RAM up to the recommended 512megs it went to 1024×768 automatically. It found my DHCP server & FireFox worked as expected. I haven’t had time to try any of the other features, so if you get a chance to play with it leave a comment with your results.

The link below has the standard ISO, plus a “Deluxe” version that includes OpenOffice and Adobe Reader. There are also release notes, a user manual & a quick start guide.

DAY-CON V: Dayton Security Summit

The dates for DAY-CON V,  Dayton’s premier security summit, have been announced: DAY-CON will be on Friday, October 7th & PACKET WARS will be on Saturday the 8th, 2011!

Private workshops are being held October 4th-6th.

Visit for more info., the home of SelfImage for Windows, seems to be gone

Self Image for Windows has been my tool of choice for making disk images for a long time. I’ve used it for forensic copies, offsite backups of critical client machines and to image laptops when I want to test a new OS.

My favorite feature is that it can be installed on a working system and used to back up files that are in use to another hard drive or a network share so you don’t need to remove a drive to use it. It’s also included in UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) if you want or need to boot into a “live” Windows environment.

Granted, it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but it’s still a very useful tool!

Anyway, it looks like is gone.

Here’s a link to via the Wayback Machine if you want to get the author’s rundown on what it can do.

Here’s a link to the last version I know about for download: SelfImage-121

Privacy Policy wordpress plugin link hijacked

I’ve been happily using the Privacy Policy generator plugin by Eric Giguere on a number of sites for quite a while. I happened to be looking at it one day recently and decided to read what he had written in the Privacy Policy Primer link included in the policy.

Boy was I surprised! The link to the primer has been hijacked by a popup virus warning scam that takes over your browser. My anti-virus went nuts & I eventually had to kill the browser to make it go away. I’m not sure if the rest of the site or the plugin itself have also been infected, but I won’t be going there any time soon!

The link looks more or less like this:
“See this www synclastic com / privacy / privacy-policies privacy policy primer to learn more about privacy policies in general.”

I’ve intentionally kept the URL spaced out so you know what it is & what it looks like.

I’ll be removing the link from all of my sites so none of my readers get the same nasty surprise I did!