David Esrati may have "lost" in OH-3, but "we" won!

Almost 11,000 of us liked what we heard from David more than the other two candidates. That’s a significant number of people who are not satisfied with the way they’re being represented in Washington.

Hopefully, this will serve as a wakeup call to the Democratic Party and the “winner” that quite a few of us are ready for a change. And maybe inspire someone else, who’s not a political insider, to get involved.

So yes, David lost, but we won!

One Response to “David Esrati may have "lost" in OH-3, but "we" won!”

  1. Thanks Eric- but, we’re just getting started. First step is to bring democracy back to Montgomery County by showcasing how important choice is in a primary.
    Then, we start working to make sure the field is level- and that ideas win over money.
    Hope we can count on you for the cause.

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