MicroCenter has a couple of deals on Corsair RAM kits this week, but…

This link should take you to the email flier I received: http://cps7.00b.net/498/content_load/865/10_30view_online2.html?BrCs=498&BrCg=16182869&BrRc=1467805211

And, I’ll admit I was pretty excited since I just got VMware’s ESX 3i Server running on my PowerSpec B610. I would have been thrilled to bump it up to 4 gigs so I could do more stuff I don’t need to, simultaneously. And, I can upgrade a couple client’s B610’s at the same time.

So, here I am, ready to whip out my creditcard and give them some money. Then reality sinks in: Corsair’s “memory configurator” doesn’t list PowerSpec as a brand. Ok, let’s try the Buffalo configurator and cross reference. Nope, no PowerSpec there either. Odd, but surely PowerSpec’s site will cross-sell MicroCenter’s stuff for their own brand. Nope, no luck here either. Don’t they want to sell me stuff?

My vision’s not what it used to be, so even tho the case is already open on the B610, I’ll just check the specs on PowerSpec’s site to find the maximum memory: nope, just basic tech facts. Ok, let’s see if there’s enough info on the motherboard page to find out. Yeah! Specs! But wait, it says only 2 gigs max. That can’t be right!

Just in case, I’ll Google Intel’s site to make sure. Dammit! 2 gigs is the max.

The result: I spent 15 minutes this morning struggling to spend money at MicroCenter on memory for machines I bought from them. And, the way it usually goes, I probably would have spent another couple hundred dollars while I was there. But instead, I had to surf all over the damn place just to see if the memory was compatible, only to learn I couldn’t use it anyway. I’m bummed! And very frustrated that MicroCenter couldn’t provide me a tool to upgrade an existing purchase.

How difficult can it be to create a list or configurator to update your own products? PITA to setup maybe, but then it’s just a database entry and YOU GET FREE SALES! I bet I could have something working in a couple days if I had the PowerSpec database… MicroCenter if you read this, email me & let’s talk!

Oh yeah, so let’s imagine I’m a regular consumer: I can’t find any info, so I order the RAM kit anyway. It shows up, I eagerly plug it in & wtf! it still shows only 2 gigs. Now, I have to call and wait in voicemail hell. So, 15 minutes later, I finally get to a human and they tell me they can’t find the info on their website either. Now I’m pissed. I bought something that doesn’t work, I’ve been on hold freakin forever, and now you don’t know what’s wrong. Great PR! And even if it was a different model that would take more than 2 gigs, XP will only show ~3.5 gigs, which would prompt an angry phone call too.

Yes, I’m in a bad mood! I wanted to spend money on toys and I can’t…

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We have looked into this and found that the Powerspec models were listed under WInbook in the memory configurator. We have put a request in the change it from Winbook to Powerspec since we no longer use the Winbook name on systems. We will also be monitoring it for updates as needed.

    I again want to thank you for taking the time to contact us and share this information.

    Thank you,


  2. Wow! MicroCenter responds to my rant!

    I’m impressed, but still confused. After reading that the PowerSpec models were listed under WinBook, I went back to both memory configurators and finally found WinBooks in the Notebook category, but only a few model numbers that didn’t look like any PowerSpec models I’m familiar with.

    Guess I’ll have to check back and see if they’re fixed this in a few days…

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