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Add a Send To for Sysinternals Contig

One of my favorite tools is Sysinternals’ (Microsoft) Contig commandline utility to make files contiguous. However, it’s a pain having to type the full path to the file or directory you want to contig, so I fooled around until I came up with these two tricks: To create a Send To item that will contig […]

Portable / USB Apps Links

Like a lot of people, I like to carry around a collection of apps on my thumb drive. But, sometimes I forget to bring it or don’t have an available USB port to work with. In any case, here’s a list of a few sites that have Portable Apps: Tell me […]

Averatec 3200 shuts down without warning

I had an Averatec 3250H1-01 that shutdown after a few minutes running. Sometimes it would last long enough to get into Windows & other times it would barely make through the BIOS self-test. I immediately suspected a power supply/battery problem, since that was the original issue. But, after a little thought, I decided to see […]


11/11/2012 Quad Lasers is now gone & the Wayback Machine can’t display the page due to a robots.txt so here’s the readme.txt file & a link to download a copy of Download for unixkit-tiny These utilities were gleaned from: Source of most of the non-archiver stuff, plus the archivers ‘arc’, ‘arj’, ‘bzip2’, ‘gzip’, ‘tar’, […]

Time & Date stamp for batch files

This has been driving me crazy – how to get a decent Time & Date stamp in a batch file. After much Googling and experimenting I came up with this.  This was tested on XP Pro with English (United States) Regional Settings and will likely not work if your Regional Settings are different. Take a […]